Eric Zimmett is founder and president at social media agency Braden Social.

Following the tech scene for the past decade — while working across traditional, digital and social media — Eric has unique insight into the convergence of traditional and digital media.

With spot-on predictions like “Content Producers Skipping the Middle Man,” before Louis CK and dozens others released material on their own;

“Video Game Consoles adopting Internet Apps,” before any console even had the Netflix app;

“Entertainment in the Cloud and Cloud Copies,” before the first Vudu Cloud Copy accompanied a disc;

Predicted an “Amazon Streaming Player” three years before Amazon announced a TV streaming box, Fire TV.

As well as “Mobile Payments Becoming Mainstream,” while Starbucks was partnering with Square to roll-out the mobile readers to more than 7,000 locations nationwide.


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About Eric Zimmett

Eric is CEO & founder at Braden Social. At the forefront of social media, Eric’s followed social media marketing since its inception, and launched his first live tech show in 2012 — nearly three years before the launch of popular livestreaming app Periscope, and four years before the start of Facebook Live.

Throughout his career, Eric has lectured on social media and advertising for Penn State University; Summer Study Programs; the Penn State Ad Club; as well as other forums including the Pennsylvania Public Transportation Association (PPTA), and Central Pennsylvania Educational Resources Inc (CPERI); as well as world-renowned Dale Carnegie Training.

Eric launched his first startup in 2007, a sports & media site. He then shifted his focus to advertising & tech in 2010, starting his first consulting business Zimedium. Eric freelanced with Zimedium through 2014, which laid the groundwork for Braden Social.

Eric received a B.A. in Journalism from Penn State University, where he was also a accepted into the John Curley Center for Sports Journalism. Eric is a Graduate of Dale Carnegie & Associates, and served one session as graduate assistant.

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