Best Buys in Streaming for 2013

Our favorite devices and services for streaming content straight to your TV. Zimedia’s Streaming Best Buys (price considered):   Devices 1. Best Buy: Apple TV 2. Roku 3. PS3 4. Xbox 360   Services 1. Best Buy: Netflix 2. Hulu Plus 3. Amazon Instant Video 4. PlayOn

The re-branding facelift, when logos go under the knife

Pepsi, tell me what you don’t like about yourself. For companies, re-branding with a new logo or fresh look provides a sort of facelift. (Really takes years off their life.) Some get over-the-top PR, other re-brands slide in under the radar. Zimedia has compiled a list of popular re-brands in the last four years, roughly…

Getting Started with Internet TV

Swapping pay-TV for Internet streaming services like Netflix is the latest trend for tech savvy consumers looking to cut rising cable costs in a tough economy. But for those new to Internet TV with little or no knowledge of the streaming landscape, things might look a little confusing. That’s why most haven’t taken the leap….

YouTube and Internet Video

In six years, YouTube has become the hub of video content on the web, evolving from cat videos to live streaming news and now YouTube Movies. But from all indications, and the words of new CEO Salar Kamangar, this is only the beginning. “Today, we’re going to start adding around 3,000 new movie titles for rent available to users in…

Hello, hulu

If Netflix is the poster child for streaming video — with a following of 20 million and counting — then Hulu is the forgotten variety. In only its third year, Hulu is becoming quite the player and is holding ground in its mission to keep Netflix from taking over the (internet video) world. In fact,…