Disney announces name of Netflix competitor

Disney this week announced the name of its new streaming service, said to be a direct competitor to Netflix. I’ve been listening to The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding via Audible. Great read…or listen. A section that really caught my attention was on naming a company, particularly when entering a new category. According to the…

Best Buys in Streaming for 2013

Our favorite devices and services for streaming content straight to your TV. Zimedia’s Streaming Best Buys (price considered):   Devices 1. Best Buy: Apple TV 2. Roku 3. PS3 4. Xbox 360   Services 1. Best Buy: Netflix 2. Hulu Plus 3. Amazon Instant Video 4. PlayOn

Getting Started with Internet TV

Swapping pay-TV for Internet streaming services like Netflix is the latest trend for tech savvy consumers looking to cut rising cable costs in a tough economy. But for those new to Internet TV with little or no knowledge of the streaming landscape, things might look a little confusing. That’s why most haven’t taken the leap….

Ustream, the free Internet television network

Netflix gets all the hype when it comes to cable-killing Internet video, but Internet superchannel Ustream might be a better model for the next online cable network. Founded in 2007, Ustream offers an array of shows, both live and recorded, as well as Internet channels from some of our favorite brands and celebrities. The company…

On-demand is the next TiVo

TiVo revolutionized the way we watch television, allowing us to record, pause and rewind live TV broadcasts and even skip commercial content. TiVo is second nature to us now; in fact, it’s even become a verb. To the networks and advertisers, it posed a slight challenge to not only prime-time TV — by allowing users…