Amazon introduces Fire TV Streaming Box

Amazon introduced its streaming box April 2, dubbed Fire TV, a direct competitor to Apple TV and Roku. The box, which will retail for $99, will feature Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu Plus and more, as well as voice controls and an optional gaming controller. More coverage in this week’s Zimedium Podcast.

10 Best Tech Gifts

Best Tech under $50 Google Chromecast $35 Roku LT $49 Blue Snowball Mic $49 Smartouch Tech Gloves $25  Best Tech under $100 Apple TV $99 Netflix $95.88/year ($7.99/mo) Amazon Prime $79/year Best Tech under $150 Google Drive Storage $119/year 200GB ($9.99/mo) Kindle Fire HD 7″ $139 Pebble Smartwatch $149 Bonus: Tech under $250 Samsung Chromebook…

Best Buys in Streaming for 2013

Our favorite devices and services for streaming content straight to your TV. Zimedia’s Streaming Best Buys (price considered):   Devices 1. Best Buy: Apple TV 2. Roku 3. PS3 4. Xbox 360   Services 1. Best Buy: Netflix 2. Hulu Plus 3. Amazon Instant Video 4. PlayOn